The Cathedral of Light

Cathedral of Light

Stormwind City
Bishop Hylan

Bishop Leander
Bishop Neheri
Bishop Farthing
Bishop DeLavey
Bishop Lazaril

Bishop Electus
High Priestess Dalca
Duthorian Rall

Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker
Katherine the Pure
Arthur the Faithful

Captain Westwood
Brother Crowley

Brother Sarno
Brother Benjamin
Brother Cassius
Brother Joshua

Brother Kristoff
Lay Employees
Gazin Tenorm
Shaina Fuller

General Information Edit

The Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City is the most striking monument of the Church of Light. The construction of the cathedral was overseen by Archbishop Benedictus and his then-mentor, Archbishop Alonsus Faol.

The Cathedral is home to some of the most powerful and influential holy leaders in the world and serves as the seat of power for all the Church of Light. It is from here that the bishops of the church lead the people of the faith in the direction the Church wishes to move. The archbishop himself resides within the hallowed chambers of the Cathedral.

Priests and paladins travel to the cathedral from far and wide seeking training and wisdom from their resident counterparts. High Priestess Laurena is the highest ranking priest trainer in Stormwind City and Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker is the foremost paladin trainer. Another paladin, Duthorian Rall, is perhaps Stormwind City's most accomplished paladin.

Design Edit

The central nave of the church is the Cathedral's greatest feature. Its many windows are the result of years of work and its most prized sight is the Cathedral high altar which is a hand-carved masterpiece.

The lower eastern wing (also known as the Scarlet Embassy) acts as the office of Brother Crowley, the Scarlet Crusade's emissary to the archbishop.

The lower eastern wing contains a library and the passage to the general catacombs. The Library of the Cathedral is looked over by the Holy See and also serves as the office of Bishop Electus.

The upper western wing is the training and meditation area for priests as well as a common place for visitors to congregate. The upper eastern wing is the training and meditation area for paladins and serves as the Cathedral sacristy during major events.

The Cathedral ambry is located in the eastern transept which also serves as a daily chapel. The western transept also serves as a chapel but receives less use than the eastern.

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