Draenei Paladin and Guardian of the Holy See

Twin sister Col'labri or Colibri (deceased)

Brother in law Aruel (deceased)

Sister in law Tyranell (Unknown)
Previous alliances
The Unity (From her warrior days) Holy See


Chaelan and her twin sister were found abandoned as very young children on Draenor. Named Chae'lari and Col'labri by the elderly couple that took them in, it soon became clear that Chae and Coli were as different as night and day for all that they were identical in looks. To tell them apart the couple dyed Chae's hair black which she has continued to do ever since. As they grew the more aggressive Chae took the path of a warrior, while the calmer Coli took training as a priestess. It worked well for them as they grew to adulthood surviving the orcs and the sundering, Coli's devotion to the Light was a constant source of teasing from Chae who trusted more in steel and muscle.

They remained in Shattrath until the coming of the Alliance. Curiosity got the better of both and they wanted to see the new lands of Azeroth. For Coli this became the greatest possible change having met a feral druid who literally tangled himself into a knot at her feet. It was clear to everyone that Aruel and Colibri would be mates. Chae was dragged into the strangest group of people known as the Unity, they had set aside their pasts to unite toward a future. From them she learned much and formed lasting bonds that were as strong as family.

Northrend proved to be a disaster for the Unity, one by one they fell. Chae's twin died in the defending of a village and drove her half mad with grief. She took up the path of paladin and vindicator after that giving up her twin name and taking the name Chaelan. However she began to understand her sister's faith in the Light and holds onto that now as a source of comfort.

Soon after her retraining was completed she heard a sermon given by the Holy See in Iron Forge. There she met young priestess named Kirstaria, something in the woman's haunted eyes called to her and they became friends. Chaelan quickly took the role of protector of the headstrong priestess and followed as she traveled and learned. Soon she found herself acting as unofficial guardian of the Holy See and after a scolding from the daughter of one of her former friends she took the role officially.

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