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Northshire Abbey windows are a great example of sacred art.

In The Holy See, and in the Church many religious artifacts, relics and items are used for celebratory means. Many of these items exist and are still frequently used for various reasons.
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A thurible

Thurible Edit

A thurible is a silver, brass or golden urn suspended from a set of chains that holds hot coals for the purpose of burning incense. The chains may or may not have bells attached to them but all thuribles serve the same purpose.

Holy Water Font

A holy water font.

Holy Water Edit

Holy Water is water, sometimes from a source that is holy in nature such as a spring, that is blessed by a priest and used for the purpose of blessing others, places, and items.

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Holy Oils in the Cathedral Ambry

Holy Oil Edit

Holy Oil is virgin olive oil (from the first press) that has been consecrated by a bishop in the presence of the public. It is used for anointing those who are ordained as well as newborns and the ill. Holy Oil can also be used to bless the public at vesper services. It is stored in the Cathedral located below the window in the left transept.

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Candles in the Cathedral

Candles Edit

The candles used by the Holy See tend to be beeswax candles and are burned at all services. They can also be placed on a movable torch for the purposes of blessings and processions.

Sacred Art Edit

For centuries the church has filled their spaces with artwork which is religious in nature. There is an array of what can fit into this category such as statues, stained glass, and paintings.

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