Sanctuaries and Holy Sites are places of worship where the citizens of the Church seek spiritual enlightenment. Once led by devout clerics, churches now depend on clergy to minister to the masses in this time of war. It is in these places for healing and serenity that the congregation gathers to deepen their faith. Through meditating, communing and tithing at these sanctified sites, they discover new ways to channel their healing and spiritual powers.

The most recognized, and used religious sites for The Holy See are the following:

  • The Cathedral of Light (Primary)
  • Northshire Abbey
  • The Ironforge Hall of Explorers
  • The Sanctum, Stromgarde
  • Uther's Tomb
  • Misty Pine Refuge Settlement
  • The Argent Tournament Grounds
  • Shrine of Unending Light
  • Temple of Telhamat
  • The Exodar (Various Specific Locations)
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