The Sanctum of Stromgarde

The Sanctum

Stromgarde City
Judicial Vicar
Captain Stenedin Westwood
Secular Authority
Prince Galen Trollbane
Mission of the Holy See

General Information Edit

Once a great city, Stromgarde now stands in ruins. Though a small force still exists, life in Stromgarde is essentially nonexistant. The Sanctum stands as the center of life for the remaining people who who work and live in the city. While the Sanctum is still used as a chapel, it is also the hub of the remaining city government within Stromgarde. From the Chapel, Prince Galen Trollbane, the leader of Stromgarde, works to retake the ruined city and plans to rebuild its fallen walls and buildings to their former glory.

The Sanctum operates as a mission of the Holy See.

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